The STEEL Scholarship Program

The goal of the STEEL scholarship program is to provide opportunities to athletes in Northern California that cannot afford to train with us or believe they live too far away to utilize our services. In order to help eliminate these objections, we offer the following scholarships:

1. Community leader scholarship

If you're an athlete committed to getting better at your sport and also wish to improve leadership skills, this is the program for you. If awarded this scholarship, you will be eligible to train at STEEL twice a week for 3 months. In exchange, you will be required to dedicate at least 5 hours of volunteer work a week at STEEL and 5 hours of volunteer work a week at an approved site in the Sacramento county area. This is a full scholarship and covers all the costs of training.  

2. Proximity scholarship-Revised April 2017 

Living far away shouldn't be a reason why an athlete can't train with us at the performance center. If your place of residency is more than 15 miles away, you get 2 free sessions. If you are traveling more than 25 miles away, you get 3 free sessions. 

*For further instruction on how to apply, please email us at