To individualize your training program, there  are a few things we need to know about you:


1. Sport and positionThis  information will help us determine the type of speed or conditioning work we need to include in your program. (For example, a running back in Football is going to need different speed work than a pitcher in Baseball.)


2. Injury history: If you are currently injured or have a history of injury, the STEEL program will be tailored to address your specific needs


3. Age-: "Training age" is the terminology used to help describe how experienced an athlete is and how well he or she performs specific skills and movements. 


4. Body weight and Gender: In order to determine the correct intensity athletes should use during each lift, their percent body weight and gender are always factored in so that each workout is relative to size and strength ability.

5. Training purpose: We need to know why you're training with us so we can establish clear short term and long term goals

Once we have this information, your personal athletic profile will be created using our software, which is accessible through both desktop computer and a mobile app.