The STEEL Performance  Center

Coming Soon!

-Artificial field turf with rubber infill

-Film room

-Sport psych/game simulation room

-Kitchen with supplement station

-Olympic lifting platforms

-0lympic squat racks 

-Athlete lounge

-Sports massage room



Video analysis system:

Through the use of our video analysis system, we are able to record and send each athlete footage of their training so they can review the small technical things we are looking to improve

Stalker Speed Radar:

We use this piece of equipment to track high velocity rotational movements for any type of rotational athlete (Baseball, Quarterback, Tennis etc.)


Electronic timing system

The Zybek Sports timing system has been the trusted technology used at the NFL combine for the past 8 years. Not only is it reliable due to its high sensitivity, but it also allows us to store each sprint time for every athlete 

Swing analysis

Our Zepp Swing Analyzer helps any Baseball or Softball athlete see what part of their swing they need to work on. This device measures and stores data related to bat speed, bat angle, hand speed and time to impact  


Other features include:

Technological features include: