When do we test again...?

If you’re a College or Professional level athlete, you’ve seen just about every type of testing protocol under the sun. Whether it’s a manual test to determine shoulder range of motion or a test that looks at lower body eccentric strength, the best thing an athlete can do is find out when they will do the test again. Take for example the College Tennis athlete who is going through a reactive strength test prior to the start of pre-season training. He chooses not to execute the pre-test with max effort, yielding an average reactive strength score. After 4 weeks of pre-season training, he takes the test again and destroys it, recording the best score on the team. Great, so how do we know if the training protocol worked? How do we know he wasn’t at that score from the beginning and just wanted to make himself look better? That’s the problem. We don’t! If you’re a smart enough athlete, you can cheat just about any test you come across. The proposed solution would be to just objectively track all of your information from session to session and avoid tests that may not be helpful. That way, you can treat each session as an assessment and keep better tabs on how well each athlete is adapting to your program.