Provisional vs. Priority

You’re not going to fall in love on the first date. Many single people wish this was true, but the reality is falling in love takes time. The same can be said about creating a program for an athlete. Just like we discussed in the Programming for Intensity post, you can’t FULLY program specific to an athlete until you know enough about them. This is a big reason why at STEEL, we believe in tracking training data and using it to help drive programming.

If an athlete has historically bad sprint times but exceptional Deadlifting numbers relative to their body weight, we need to program for speed development rather than strength development. By making this change, we have made the program priority based (speed being our priority in this case.) When you first start with an athlete, the program can be viewed as provisional due to the fact you know only know characteristics like sport, injury history and goals. As time goes on, you make it more individualized by tracking and observing trends in the athletes training.

Questions to be answered in a later post:

How long should I wait until I make the program priority based?

What if I have a short training block?

What if I only see my athletes once a week?

Stay tuned...