How to Waste Time in the Off Season

By implementing a medley of randomized drills that mimic an athletes sport along with the occasional “functional” body weight exercise, performance coaches believe they can peg their program as a complete training experience.

Here’s the problem: Every time an athlete plays his or her sport, that’s the closest they will get to “sport specific training.” Even in the off season, several athletes are still performing their given sport in a practice environment. So why would you want to waste precious off season time and energy on skills that you’re already performing? We can view this as a duplication of effort.

Duplication of effort means you are dedicating multiple resources towards something that is easily accomplished with minimal resources. If a Basketball athlete practices for 2 hours and then goes to a performance coach that mimics EXACTLY what the athlete just did, he is wasting time and duplicating effort. The ideal situation would be to separate the training stimulus into general vs. specific. We already know what specific is (mentioned above), so let’s elaborate on general. General is learning how to run faster, jump higher, get stronger and become resistant to injury. Timeless training methods like lifting, plyometrics, angular speed development and soft tissue regeneration will always play a crucial role in the success of an athlete and should be viewed as the complete anti-thesis of a “specific” method of training.