Stride Frequency

You can press on the gas as hard as you want, but if the tires are small, you won’t move very fast. The same concept can be applied towards stride length in acceleration.

In physics, the circumference of a circle determines the distance it will cover with one full revolution. In In the picture above, the circumference of Tire A is smaller than the circumference of Tire B. Therefore, Tire A will cover less distance with each revolution. Let’s tie this analogy in with two types of athletes, both of which have the same stride frequency, but different stride lengths. Poorly trained athletes can be related to Tire A due to a shorter stride length during acceleration. In contrast, well trained athletes can be related to Tire B, which means they will have greater stride length and better acceleration capability. This can be a helpful analogy for helping athletes understand they need to train both stride length and stride frequency to enhance their ability to accelerate.