Training is Like Trading

With the economy booming, more and more people are getting involved in the stock market. Sure, the promise of financial return has never been higher, but what people don’t realize is stocks go through constant “micro fluctuations” or changes. Analysts believe the best way to ensure economic growth and prosperity is by thinking long term and avoiding the classic “jump ship” mentality if something goes wrong with the stock’s value.

The same can be said for the training process…

Whenever an athlete starts a program, excitement is high during the first few weeks (Short-term or honeymoon phase). This is due to everything being new and adaptable, which is synonymous to how a new investor feels when they first start trading on the stock market. Athletes should view themselves as investors, except the commodity they are investing in is themselves. Becoming a better athlete is a long-term process and being able to overcome the “honeymoon” phase of training ensures long term adaptability and growth. If you look at a long-term chart for a company’s stock, there is constant up and down movement. An indicator of a successful stock is the overall trend is moving upward. This goes hand in hand with the training process! Some days, you may be fast and other days you may be slow. Some days you may be rich and other days you may be poor (poetry unintended). The individual who sees long-term success in either arena can pull themselves out of the dark and know anything worth achieving takes time.