When to Use Concentrated Loading

With all the information surrounding the need to be a multi-sport athlete in High school, it’s no wonder high school level athletes are participating in sports they could care less about. Most of the time, they simply do an additional sport to “check the box” until their primary sport season arrives. On the other hand, elementary and middle school athletes should make participation in multiple sports a staple as they need to develop athletic motor patterns and habits.

The question now becomes: In the off-season, what should a higher level High School athlete do in place of another sport? The answer is focus on something called concentrated loading.

Bottom line is this: If you’re a High School athlete committed to a College or University to participate in athletics, the off-season period should be spent away from sport in general and focused on concentrated loading. Concentrated loading is a period spent on enhancing a specific quality, which can be something like speed, strength, or hypertrophy. By focusing all efforts on improving general athleticism in the off-season in conjunction with practicing your primary sport periodically, this puts the College bound athlete in a better position to succeed since they have more time to focus on improving general athleticism rather than skills in other sports that they will never encounter again. It will also help the athlete prepare for the “grind” of a college off-season and give them more of an edge so they know what to expect once they arrive on their respective campus.