The best question an athlete can ask is "why?" To help provide answers to the ever curious athlete, it is our job as coaches to educate. Let's provide answers to some of the questions an athlete typically asks:


Why didn't I do an assessment on my first day?

Since we track every piece of training data in your program, every day you train with us is an assessment. This helps provide insight as to how you're adapting and also helps us determine what you need to focus on. Also, the majority of assessments in the field of sports performance are either unreliable, invalid, time consuming or can't be used to create programs due to their complex nature. 

Why am I tracking all of my measurements in session?

Let's answer this question with a question. Why are you NOT measuring everything in session. Most of the time, programs rely on how an athlete feels they improved, rather than actually measuring it. There is a time and place for subjectively measuring how much stronger, faster and healthier you feel, but that can only take you so far. As mentioned before, if you can track everything in session, it helps provide insight as to how much progress, or lack there of, your making. 


Why am I doing these lifts?

For many years, coaches and sports scientist alike have observed and researched the three phases of athletic movement. These three phases include triple flexion (eccentric), force transfer (amortization) and triple extension (concentric). In order to train these phases of movement and improve athleticism, we need to implement lifts that train these qualities. Also, we need to improve how much force you 're putting in the ground (also known as "GRF" or Ground Reaction Force). GRF is improved by getting stronger. When you get stronger and improve your GRF, you jump higher, run faster and improve rotational power. What's the best way to get stronger? By lifting! (with perfect technique of course).